Of the Landed Gentry

24/Seven 24th STreet Theatre News July 24th, 2014 Of the Landed Gentry by Jay McAdams News travels fast on the streets. The coroner hadn’t even arrived yet when a sobbing neighborhood drunk stumbled into our lobby Monday to tell us that Papa Willie had died. “Show me”, I said, needing...
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Deb & Jack at The Hollywood Bowl

Deb & Jack at the Hollywood Bowl It’s happened before that both Debbie Devine and Jack Black have been working at the Hollywood Bowl in the same week. But it’s rare. Well this is another one of those weeks. This Friday and Saturday (18th/19th) Jack Black will host Dreamworks Animation...
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Parenting: First Blood

by Cindy Marie Jenkins, Communications Director & new Work-at-Home-Mom I read a blog about it. I was warned. It still didn’t make it better. The First Blood. One evening, my husband was on his way home and I went into a self-induced flurry of accomplishing all those things around the...
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Every Little Bit by Jay McAdams

24/Seven Update 24th STreet Theatre News Semana Santa/Easter Week, 2014 Every Little Bit by Jay McAdams This was originally written for our newsletter, where we share the many stories that come through our carriage doors. Every time I travel to El Salvador for international cultural exchange work, I have a life...
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