2014-15 Teen Leadership Academy with their Parents and Teachers

Teen Leadership Academy

  • Opportunity for youth ages 14-18
  • Mentor After ‘Cool students (1 dayweek)
  • Participate in Drama III Workshop (Wednesday)
  • Attend field trips around Los Angeles
  • Potential for paying jobs upon completion of program
  • Email outreach@24thstreet.org or call 213-745-6516 / stop by between 12-6pm

Drama III/Teen Leadership Academy

This is a class that has two parts to it. The first is acting class with Debbie Devine and Sayda Trujillo. Drama III is designed to help students think creatively and learn to express. This class occurs every Wednesday, 3:30 – 5 PM.

The second half is Leadership Academy ­­where students can put to work their leadership skills by assisting Teaching Artists in After ‘Cool class on a weekly basis as mentors. Mentors will participate in After ‘Cool performances, help guide the students and lead warm ups and exercises. After each class Mentors will meet and use their observation skills to pick an artist of the day, and provide constructive feedback on the growth of students. After the class Mentors are expected to help maintain the theatre and prepare it for Enter Stage Right for the next morning.

After ‘Cool Mentorship Day

  • Tuesday Class (3:30 – 6:00)
  • Thursday Class (3:30 – 6:00)
  • Friday Class (3:30 – 6:00)

Skills classes are offered to students, and they are required to attend at least two. The Skills Classes will focus on helping those involved in the Teen Leadership Academy build leadership skills. Class topics will include:

  • Time Management Skills (Sept 28)
  • How a Non Profit Works (Dec 14)
  • Financial Literacy (March 28)
  • Writing a Resume and Cover Letter (May 16)

Field Trips

The Academy students will also go on several Field Trips throughout the year. The field trips are Arts and Community based to help involve students from The Academy with other forms of art and performances as well as better connect to their community. In the past years trips have included The Pasadena Playhouse, The Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts, USC, LACMA, Mercado la Paloma, Moving Arts Theatre and Mack Sennett Studios. Students with consistent attendance in class will be given priority to the field trip.

Expectations/Qualifications of Interested Students

  • Interest in developing core leadership and skills.
  • Ability to take initiative and responsibility.
  • Demonstrates ability to successfully balance work, school and extracurricular commitments.
  • Meet and collaborate with some of the world’s best artists, cultural workers, teachers and professionals.
  • Program complements academic performance and challenges students to step up to higher level of achievement.

Program Requirements

  • Consistent attendance to Drama III Master Class.
  • Consistent attendance to mentor After Cool students.
  • Participation in Skills Classes.
  • Attendance to all 24th STreet Theatre programming and productions.

How to Apply?

Interested students should apply by filling out the attached application and preparing a monologue or song (no longer than one minute) for an audition. Auditions will be held on September 3 from 3:00 – 6 PM. Your application is due on the same date. Following your audition you will have a short interview so we can learn more about you. An informal Teen Leadership Academy Workshop where you can come and ask questions or for advice on your audition will be available to you Thursday, August 27 from 3 – 5 PM. Students will also sign up for audition slots at this time.

Quotes from the Leadership Academy Freshman Class:

“I really valued this experience because most of the people in the trip attend my school but I never truly shared any experiences with them until now, and I now want to get to know these people a lot more. Not only that but I now want to get to share a similar experience with the people in the program that were not able to come to the trip because I’m sure I could learn a lot from them as well. I now feel like I could look back at this moment and remember that Los Angeles is my home and the people who make 24th Street possible have created a home within the theatre in Los Angeles as well.” – Hugo G., on his recent trip to Walt Disney Concert Hall with the Leadership Academy

Application Info:

Applications for Fall 2015 are now open. Call 213-745-6516 or email theatre@24thstreet.org or better yet, stop by 12-6pm Monday – Friday for info! Teen Leadership Academy Application 14-15.

  • After 1st year, students can apply for ten highly coveted paying jobs at 24th Street.
  • Monthly arts field trips, including off site trips and immersive, in-depth looks at 24th St programming.
  • Requirements: ages 14-18, student of Gertz-Ressler High School OR resident of South LA SPA6 (Service Planning Area 6)