24th Street builds artistic bridges with theatres across the nation, and internationally, then uses those relationships to bring acclaimed performances & workshops to South LA from around the world. We also tour our work to other parts of the globe. And as we grow, we shall continue to serve a variety of diverse audiences with our art in the forms of performance, outreach, and educational programming of the highest possible caliber!

*ENGAGING people of all ages, races, and tax brackets
with programs that speak to the human condition!
From teachers, to neighborhood residents, to artists, to new audience members,
we work everyday to engage all kinds of people in the arts!

*PROVOKING with cutting-edge art! Whether a Gallery Exhibit, a class for kids,
a teacher workshop, a musical concert, or a season production,
we strive to make all of our programming thought-provoking and relevant!
Who has time for art that doesn’t matter?

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An Insider Look at Walking the Tightrope! from 24th STreet Theatre on Vimeo.