Julieta Ortiz and Gabriel Romero in El Ogrito, by Suzanne Lebeau. Photo, Douglas Tobar.

Theatre for the Whole Family

24th Street Theatre has distinguished itself as one of the leaders in sophisticated children’s theatre today.  And we do it in a unique style that appeals to adults and children alike.   And that is by design, not accident.

“This kind of theatre is rarely available to families in this country.  We live in a culture that doesn’t believe in challenging kids emotionally,” says co-founder and Executive Director Jay McAdams.  Artistic Director and co-founder, Debbie Devine, elaborates, “Our logic is that if kids are introduced to cutting-edge theatre in childhood, then they’ll become theatregoers as adults…If it broes adults, then it’s not good enough for kids either.”

24th STreet shows have toured to Central and South America, and have won local and national awards. In 2015, with the culmination of their national tour of the award-winning Walking the Tightrope at Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles, 24th STreet Theatre co-hosted an international industry conference on the role and status of Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA).

Walking the Tightrope

“You can tell when a theatre company cares about its audience, especially when that audience is largely made up of young people.  It doesn’t talk down to them and it doesn’t assume they will only understand the obvious.  Instead, its directors take the time to seek out work that is worthy of engagement, provokes thoughts, and gives more to the world than it takes.  It serves both the child and the child in the adult.  And that’s what 24th STreet Theatre has done.”  – Broadway World

“When this team decides to launch a public production, you can count on it being inventive and thought-provoking.  24th STreet is not a place to see another Saturday morning Snow White; it’s a place for ground-breaking theatre that takes kids along for the ride. – Mommy Poppins

                “24th STreet Theatre has distinguished itself by staging plays that have something to say to children and adults alike.” – Stage Raw 

“It’s all very well to boast of the ability to deliver a product that can challenge the gray cells of audiences both young and adult. Kudos and laurels, certainly, to the 24th Street Theater not only for building that pledge into the company’s mission, but for consistently delivering the creative goods.” – Curtain Up

“… as poignant to an 8-year old as an 80-year old – just in very different ways.” – Anthony Byrnes, Opening the Curtain, KCRW

mp160_f24th STreet Theatre was a 2016 finalist for the Mommy Poppins “Best Place to See a Family Show” award!