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24th STreet Theatre is a unique organization blending professional productions and world-class artists with quality arts education since 1997. We are one of the only professional Los Angeles theatres offering after school programming for elementary school children and one of the very few organizations approved by both the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission as arts education providers.




24th STreet Theatre is an arts organization like no other. Built in 1928 as a Carriage House, these walls were once home to the working horses of the grand Victorian homes in this neighborhood, many of which still stand today. Thus, this historic old building has always served a useful purpose; in its past and now in its present.

Since 24th STreet Theatre’s beginning in 1997, the organization has taken on a life of its own. We started out just intending to do plays. But we quickly found that this was a neighborhood that deserved…demanded so much more than we had planned to give. It was a neighborhood like we thought had ceased to exist. A community where people still knew each other. A true neighborhood with as much character as our charming old carriage house. So we began doing Outreach projects with local kids, then Art Exhibits, then Music, and then Arts Education projects with the local schools. We began to expand our work beyond the neighborhood to citywide audiences, and other school districts. Our work then reached beyond our borders as we began to establish an International reputation, working with theatres in other countries and representing the United States as Cultural Envoys in other parts of the world. With the given that all of our programming must be of the highest caliber, we began to use our art as a tool with which to bring people back to this old building and to the neighborhood. A tool with which to make people remember…or sometimes forget.


Today we are proud to be a leader in Arts Education, Community Outreach, and quality Professional Theatre for young and old alike. Today, we do more than just plays! 24th STreet is truly a model 21st Century arts organization which is using first-class art to make a difference in our own neighborhood, in our city, and around the world. A building from the past, with a mission for the future.

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