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24th Street Internacional

24th STreet ain’t just for Los Angeles anymore! No Señor. We serve audiences from 24th & Hoover to other corners of the world. 24th STreet has been making its long- term strategic goal to collaborate with other prestigious theatres and organizations around the world come true. On one single day, 24th STreet had workshops and performances happening simultaneously in North, South, and Central America! Contact us for more info on our touring.


24th STreet has many great partners in Mexico. Our 15th Season opener is the US premiere of Roma al Final de la Via , presented with Viaje Redondo Producciones. An LA WEEKLY PRODUCTION OF THE YEAR-Award-winning show, La Razón Blindada, by Aristides Vargas, was co-produced by Mexico’s Instituto de Cultura of Baja, California, and by the Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa, Mexico. 24th STreet has toured more than a dozen cities in Mexico over the past five years.

24th STreet also partnered with (FITLA) the International Latino Theatre Festival of Los Angeles. As FITLA sponsors, 24th STreet hosted many shows from across Latin America. One of our favorite collaborations was Mexico City’s Teatro Sin Paredes (Theatre Without Walls). We became instant fans of Director David Psalmon’s company and have now hosted several shows from this and other Mexican companies.


24thStreet’s Artistic Director, Debbie Devine, has worked with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra on several occasions, coaching conductors from across North America. Working with Winnipeg’s Musical Director Alexander Mickelthwate, Deb created a program to incorporate theatre techniques into their conducting. P.S.- it’s 31-degrees below Zero in Winnipeg in January…BRRRR!

Next up in our Canadian partnerships is for the special engagement of Susanna Hamnett’s Nearly Lear.


In 2007, 24th STreet was invited to serve as Cultural Envoys on behalf of the US Embassy in San Salvador. So our Teatro Nuevo Latino Theatre director Jesus Chima Castaños took his resident Teatro Apolo company and performed, EL JARDIN DE LOS REYES at Teatro Luis Poma in El Salvador. We also taught workshops to Salvadoran kids, university students, and local actors.

In 2008, 24th STreet again travels to El Salvador as Cultural Envoys, this time to teach workshops with El Salvador’s Symphony for Youth. Working with our friends at the US Embassy in San Salvador, we taught workshops at orphanages, cultural centers, and universities.

In 2010, 24th STreet Theatre was invited back for our third project with the US Embassy in San Salvador. This time we took our Critics’ Choice production of El Ogrito and performed it at the Poma Theatre in San Salvador as well as in a school in a high-risk gang area. We also did follow-up workshops with students from El Salvador’s youth symphony, and with local artists in the city of Santa Ana, a roundtable with local theatre artists in San Salvador, and workshops at an English language school for teens.


24thSTreet has performed twice in South America at Bogota’s Festival Teatro Alternativo. In 2008 we toured Apolo Theatre’s El Jardin De Los Reyes to Teatro Candelaria and in 2010 we returned to Colombia with our production of El Ogrito.