Professional Development

Teaching as a Performing Art (TAPA)

24th Street Theatre’s TEACHING AS A PERFORMING ART Professional Development workshops are like no other, allowing educators to train on the stage of a professional theatre where the power of live music, lighting, and sound is used to help Teachers experience themselves as artists! We don’t just do PD, we inspire!

TAPA teaches educators how to integrate basic performance techniques in the everyday classroom to make their job more rewarding and creative and to make their students better and more enthusiastic learners. Call 213.745.6516 for TAPA info.

  • Imparts effective teaching strategies through art making in theatre

  • Integrate basic performance techniques in the everyday classroom to make your job more rewarding and creative

  • Help students become better and more enthusiastic learners

  • Teaching as a Performing Art has been taught across the country and the world

Guaranteed to make you remember why you became a teacher!

“Enthralling! You have pushed me into a higher level of teaching!” Marta Acosta, 29 years teaching

Teaching as a Performing Art (TAPA) imparts effective teaching strategies through art making in theatre. Acting and teaching are both the art of persuasion. A teacher who discovers themselves as a creative and imaginative performer has the power to make their classroom a constant opportunity for inventiveness as well as making deeper interdisciplinary connections. Engagement before information is one of our basic philosophies. And there is no closer relationship than theatre and language arts. The central fact of both is listening and speaking as well as an approach to social and emotional learning.

And literally sharing or mirroring excellent teaching strategies with each other is an important part of what we present.

Learning to think of teaching as a performing art as not a ‘set aside’ curriculum time, but rather as an approach that puts art making and constructivism to use in every aspect of a teacher’s day is a powerful tool. A teacher who can adapt, improvise and create in the moment is a teacher who will not be afraid of change but rather recognizes the opportunity and embraces it as an imaginative and visionary professional.

A Leader in Arts Education

Best, Most practical, Most applicable, Most entertaining workshop I’ve ever attended!
— Janice Schrader, 10 years teaching
Enthralling! You have pushed me into a higher level of teaching!
— Marta Acosta, 30 years experience
It was fantastic and renewing!
— Alaine Schlechte, 18 years teaching
Confirms what I truly believe about teaching!
— Margaret Robinson, 23 years teaching
Great! It was fun – like teaching and learning should be!
— Brenda, 9 years teaching
Workshop was excellent from beginning to end!
— Joyce Stohlmann, 4 years teaching
You two are inspiring!
— Debra Stone, 2 years teaching
Wow! We can have fun in the classroom!
— Sharon Connick, 6 years teaching
I wish it was longer!
— Melia Hartmann, 1 year teaching
Wonderful workshop! You both make learning fun!
— Marcia Pottinger, 16 years teaching
Thank you for giving us permission to try this in our rooms!
— Ann Bergman, 20 years teaching