Walking the Tightrope Press!


Los Angeles Times

“Richly evocative, director Debbie Devine’s heartfelt production is touching and truthful”

LA Weekly

“This is theater at its best, a wonderful, tear-filled evening for all ages that should not be missed.”

Huffington Post

“Walking the Tightrope strikes a perfect balance and soars to theatrical perfection”

Stage & Cinema

“24th Street Theatre and its new Lab24 are nothing short of exalting, and Walking the Tightrope is not a step shy of beautiful.”

The Examiner

“…this play is truly magical. This play should take a copyright out on the word magical.”

The Los Angeles Post

“There are moments during this show that are so breathtaking and transcendent, the act of trying to describe them here would cheapen their power. They simply must be experienced.”

Bitter Lemons

“Director Debbie Devine and her cohorts have fashioned from scratch something incredibly special, suggesting the feeling of a sweet summer dream staged by Federico Fellini.”


“Walking the Tightrope is a phenomenal piece of theatre”