Make a Holiday Donation

We have so much to be thankful for!

We are especially thankful that even in this recession, 24th STreet has been able to continue making a difference in the lives of thousands this year, by:

  • Winning LA Weekly’s top theatre award, 2011 Production of the Year, with our U.S. Premiere of La Razón Blindada
  • Touring La Razón Blindada internationally to a dozen cities in Mexico
  • Exciting over 6,000 students & teachers with our acclaimed field trips.
  • Reminding hundreds of educators why they became teachers with Professional Development workshops
  • Enriching the lives of inner city kids with 30 weeks of free after school theatre workshops
  • Mentoring high school students
  • Partnering with LA’s great cultural organizations like the LA Philharmonic, Inner City Arts, The Colburn School of Performing Arts
  • Inspiring hundreds of elementary, middle, and high school kids with theatre residencies
  • Celebrating Dia De Los Muertos with a thousand community members and performers.

With the help of individual donors like you, we have kept the love and inspiration and art flowing this year. Please help us keep those doors wide open in 2012 with a year-end donation of any size.

  • $24 - underwrites a community member to see a world class performance @ 24th ST!
  • $150 - pays for 3 teachers to do our Professional Development workshop!
  • $240 - sponsors a residency workshop at a local school!
  • $2400 – pays for a 100 kids to fall in love with theatre forever on a 24th ST field trip!
  • $_____Whatever you can... (Every little bit really helps!)

To donate click here.

Thanks for helping us make a difference and for being part of the 24th STreet Theatre family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jay McAdams Executive Director