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24th Street Theatre Vision and Philosophy

We believe that the young people we reach today will grow up to be active participants in their communities who are notable for their generosity, independent thinking, and passion for the arts. We envision a change in the culture of Los Angeles: people animated by a greater sense of inter-connectedness, empathy and humanity. The components of that vision include:

  • Bringing families together so that outstanding shared artistic experiences give families substantive topics for conversations.

  • Creating consistently great theatre (in both performance and in education) in a compassionate space where we hold a responsibility for the well-being of our community.

  • A place where neighborhood residents come for inspiration -- the shows, the programs, the kids, the parents. People leave with their hearts full, and, over time, with their lives changed.

  • 24th ST is a destination for community gatherings, and the diversity of the community is evident. Because the doors are open it's clear that everyone is welcome, and sees each other as equal. We function in many ways as a secular church, where people are creating community through shared experiences with powerful theatre.

  • Artistically excellent, sophisticated theatre, including Spanish-language work, national and international touring, and deep and powerful teaching in the arts.

  • World-class artists who share our vision are strongly connected to the theatre. Our plays don't look like anything the rest of the theatre world is creating.

  • We are recognized as a leader in theatre for young audiences, influencing the field to be more adventurous, more sophisticated, more provocative.

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