Audiences React Pt2

 Team 24 talks to our audience before & after each show. 

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24th Street Theatre I am still haunted by last night's performance of Roma. I left inspired. I felt welcomed by the performance and the people in it and around it. I was told a story that changed me. That is the gift of theater: the purity of intention to connect people to life in a deeper way, transcending language, culture and sound. Because ofCindy Marie Jenkins and the invite to participate in the 24thTWEETup, I found myself in an enchanting world, in the midst of an illuminating portrait painted by powerful women who know how to make a stage live. THANK YOU. I will return and in the interim I'll be sure to spread the word of your theater and its' initiatives that can serve as a model to all of us art-makers out there.
I love when the experience of theater comes home with you. It's not just a play when it reaches your heart and asks you to look inside and perhaps ask those questions we avoid...It's magic...( Today I fell in love with two women on stage) @24th Street Theatre


Thank you for hosting the discussion on translation last night following the performance. The discussion and feedback made me think about language as culture, as necessary, and supertitles as part of the score of the piece. The thought that even if there is only one, Spanish speaker member in the audience, there should be supertitles, just as when there is on ASL audience member an interpreter is needed. It enhances the experience for that person but also makes the work accessible, and they will return. Hopefully with more people, to the show, to the theatre

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