Updated: Not Convinced? More ROMA Reviews!

Tuesday started on a bright note with a rave review from April, a Mommy Blogger, & we just keep hearing good news:

Update 9/22 - life in LA & Long Beach Acting Examiner

"Angelica’s dancing is expressive and spontaneous, while Ortiz’s exaggerated expressions of terror and joy are nothing short of comic genius. "

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Long Beach Acting Examiner 

" I took a train through Mexico—and ended up in Rome.... [The creative team] took me there without even knowing anything about me."

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Updated 9/20 - LA Weekly says GO! to Rome (if only it were that easy for our leading ladies......)

"Under Alberto Lomnitz's direction, Ortiz and Angelica deliver highly physical performances, while always reflecting the core truth of their characters."

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“Daniel Serrano’s Roma al Final de la Vía (Rome at the End of the Line) is a highly recommended diamond-in-the-rough.

“Rome at the End of the Line is a must-see production of considerable power, starting off the 15th season of 24th Street Theatre with both potency and poignancy.” Read the full review  

a little night musing

"Ortiz and Angélica are masters of their craft....Angélica’s face as the seven-year-old Evangelina is absolutely priceless. ...Ortiz is daring and hopeful at every age."

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It's All About Balance

"This two-person play is performed with exquisite perfection.....I brought my 14-year-old daughter, who thoroughly enjoyed the play, and found it a lot funnier than she expected. I went in with no expectations, and was thoroughly immersed in their journey."

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