Lots of Lear

I asked people to describe King Lear in a tweet.

Click on their Twitter Name (after @ symbol) to learn more about each contributor:

@BrianDermody It's Kurosawa's "Ran", only more British. #KingLear

@TravisBedard Blinding storms inside and out. Hope Dies #KingLear

@VampirismBites A King divides his power based on how his daughters declare their love, not how they actually love, and winds up losing big.  

@jotalejos Weathered and wearied king decides who to bequeath dynasty to. Chaos ensues to a new era borne by the ashes of a saint.

@Woodzette Two fathers learn the difference between flattery and fealty in their children, while a fool stands guard and a knight fools.

@chaoslinkDL  Old regal diva succumbs to flattery, punishes the truth and loses everything

Now From Facebook:

Sara R. Tompson Disastrous!

Khanisha Foster That dude played his daughters bogus.

Tomas Benitez gurls....

Kn Cho Daddy issues.

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And here is a funny video that breaks down the story for you - using nothing but toys and sock puppets!

(Unlike Nearly Lear, this video is not good for ages 7 & up, more like teens & up)