Gives Credit to Your Children's Thinking Capacity

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My inner child and I both thank you for a wonderful production. I hope you pack the remaining houses!


LA TIMES, David Nichols Delicately poised between children’s fable and adult reverie at once, only to become another transcendent thing altogether, “Walking the Tightrope” at 24th Street Theatre delivers the evocative, cathartic goods. 24Street_LAParent_04 ...In its pitch-perfect West Coast premiere, British playwright Mike Kenny’s perceptive take on the eternal cycle is as artfully simple, theatrically poetic and deeply affecting a chamber piece as any in recent memory.

CAMPUS CIRCLE, Marvin Vasquez "a magical play taking us into a lovely journey of a kid and her grandfather. Throughout the entire time, I could recall several memories of my own youth when I visited my grandparents."

BITTER LEMONS LA , Colin Mitchell "...if there is a show now running in Los Angeles that deserves to be on every recommended list, especially yours, it is this one." "There are moments during this show that are so breathtaking and transcendent, the act of trying to describe them here would cheapen their power."

EXAMINER, Andrea Kittelson “High Art for All People” “Devine’s work here is as finely effected as a contortionist’s. Devine addresses themes of grief and loss and cross-generational coping with such fluidity and vision. She stuffs so much humanity into one small black box.” "24th Street Theatre and its new Lab24 are nothing short of exalting, and “Walking the Tightrope” is not a step shy of beautiful."

ARTS & EXHIBITS EXAMINER, Dena Burroughs "a thought provoking play, at times heart-tugging for the adult audience....intelligent and worthwhile theater for the whole family, the type that gives credit to your children’s thinking capacity and that will turn them into theater-goers and supporters of the arts."

ONSTAGE LOS ANGELES, Mike Kenny "The content discusses personal loss in a gentle way and deserves an audience. The crew of very young theatre associates acting as hosts and hostesses shows that this special company’s main goal is to involve their local community as well as the world community..."


My kids have learned to love the arts through programs like these. Appealing to our Latino communities thanks for introducing always something new.


Thank you for putting on yet another great production. My son and I are still discussing the plot lines and deeper meanings. He would like to see a series of the same play done in different settings. I'm quite satisfied with 1950s England. Lovely....Italy in the 1800s done with marionettes and live actors; Russia in the 1970s (does granny escape to the circus or to the US?); China 15th century with Shanghai Circus--what do you think?

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