Live-Blog: L.A. Weekly Theater Awards

As Walking the Tightrope continues wowing audiences of all ages, we travel back to remember the first show of our 15th Anniversary Season: Tonight we celebrate the best 2-Person Performance LA Weekly nomination of Roma al Final de la Via ! Join us here as we live-blog the L.A. Weekly Theater Awards. I'll update with an image or quote every 15 minutes ! You can also follow along on twitter, right here on our site.

See you tonight!

LA Weekly


It turned out the atmosphere was not conducive to a Live-Blog, but it was a lot of fun. Many thanks to Stephen Leigh Morris, great supporter of the arts in Los Angeles. We are thrilled that Julieta & Norma were nominated for their great work and congratulate all the winners!

Some photos:

Tony Duran, Julieta Ortiz & Debbie Devine enjoy the post-apocalyptic theme

Olga Garay-English won "Queen of the Angels" for her great work at the Department of Cultural Affairs!

Nominee Corwin Evans & Lost Moon Radio Producer Monica Martin say hello.

Michael Sheppard accepts the Best Musical Award, with a touching speech about how theatre saved him while he was growing up.