Communi-Que w/ CMJ* - July 18, 2013

Me giving Jay & Deb twitter lessons. Follow @Jay24thstreet for his personal POV. Hello! I'm Cindy Marie Jenkins, and after a year working in Outreach & Marketing here, I'm happy to report that Jay & Debbie asked me to take on the Communications Director role.

We have a lot of challenges at 24th ST, the biggest being sheer quantity of activities.  This is the first of a new blog (and sometimes video) series where I'll update you on 24th ST activities & and answer any questions you may have.

Leave suggestions or topics in the comments or email me: . I'm also usually the one behind our twitter account, but not always! You can always ask questions there or on Facebook too.

Which brings me to our first new initiative:


That's a dramatic way of saying that we're opening up communication  to people from within our vast community. You get to hear unfiltered, edited-only-for-clarity, straight from a team member's mouth.

In the past year, social media's become a huge part of our conversations with you & I've loved growing those platforms with you.

THE CHALLENGE: There are so many stories pouring out of our carriage doors, I don't have the time to tell them all.

So meet our first Guest: Jatziry, long-time Teen Mentor and Volunteer. She's a mentor for Summer Cool & has the keys to instagram through the Parent's Night performance tomorrow! You can look at her great photos even without an instagram account here.

THE IMPACT: So far she's just been on it for one day, and posted photos I never would have been able to get. The Summer Cool artists already trust her and are used to Ziry taking photos, so it looks like she gets more candids and perspectives. Stay on the lookout and share with your friends who use instagram!



  • A public calendar on our website where you can easily see activities, save dates & get the info you need!
  • 24th STories: collection of the people, places and meaningful neighborhood activity. Share your story in the comments.

Share suggestions below. I look forward to seeing you again or meeting in 2013-14!

*Thanks to Allegra for the title! It should read "Communi-Qué w/ CMJ" but our blog theme won't let me put the accent mark. I'll try to fix that soon.