Communi-Que w/ CMJ August 1, 2013

Read about Communications Initiatives like Handing over the Keys and Evaluating the Newsletter
For the 3rd blog in this new series, I'm trying something a little different. 

Eddie & Allegra at nature's Brew LA


On Tuesday I met Eddie North-Hager, Director of Media Relations & University Communications at USC and the amazing Online Community University Park Family. Here is my profile there and I hope you'll sign up to enjoy all the great neighborhood offerings! Anyone invested in the neighborhood can join.

Next week I'll get back into our new COMMUNICATIONS INITIATIVES, but in the meantime I want to share what I learned last week from the owner of Nature's Brew LA.

NATURE'S BREW Coffee & Kitchen opened just last month, and offers healthy choices, tasty treats and smiling faces. I hope you'll try them out on your next visit to 24th ST!


Fresh fruit juices & smoothies are purposely kept at a low price so all can enjoy.

The view from our corner (24th & hoover). Just a crosswalk & 1/2 away!

Nice lighting & choice of seats or communal tables  create a friendly atmosphere.

Tag photos of your #NaturesBrewView treats & they'll be shared w/ the community!

Hope you'll try their wares on your next visit. This Saturday at #24thSTCinema under the stars, perhaps?

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-Cindy Marie Jenkins, Communications Director



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