Food For Thanks

Food plays a large part in our community: of artists, neighbors, staff meetings. Here is just a small assortment of memories related to food, in case it wasn't enough on your mind this week!

After 'Cool students can arrive early for class, and snacks are generously provided by local nonprofit.


The Lab24 ensemble always begins with breaking bad as we ease into rehearsal.

When we hosted PATO, MUERTE Y LAGRIMAS last month, there was wine for adults and juice for kids!


Popcorn & peanuts to celebrate the opening of our hit WALKING THE TIGHTROPE last year!


Of course, our tamales (homemade for every show by neighbor Maria) are so famous they won LA Weekly's Best Pre-Show Snack of 2013!

Just last night, Yolanda made flan for the entire 24th ST staff. We're very lucky to live in our neighborhood!