Our Dia De los Muertos Art Workshops are part of The Big Draw LA!

The Big Draw LACommunity Engager Allegra Padilla signed us up to collaborate with The Big Draw LA for our free Community ArtsDDLM logo Workshops this month! As part of our celebration leading up to the annual Dia de los Muertos event, we began holding free workshops to engage the community with local artists, and to learn the traditions that make Dia de los Muertos so unique. Here's more info behind The Big Draw LA, our event listing and the other fantastic events you can find this month!


WHO, WHAT, WHEN THE BIG DRAW LA is a regional celebration of the act of drawing. The Big Draw LA creates participatory opportunities for people of all ages to discover that drawing can help us: look more closely, inspire creative thinking, communicate with others, and have fun in the process.Ryman Arts launched the inaugural Big Draw LA in October 2010. By 2011 the events more than doubled with over 10,000 Angelenos drawing during the month-long initiative.Participation is open to all, and organizations of all sizes and kinds, from established institutions to small groups, are invited to sponsor, organize, or host a Big Draw LA event during the month of October.

WHY Drawing is a universal language, connecting generations, cultures, and communities. Children draw to make sense of the world before they learn to write. Yet most adults, when given a pencil, claim, “I can’t draw!” The Big Draw aims to remove this barrier and create opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to discover that drawing can make us SEE, THINK, INVENT, and ACT.