What's a Typical Tuesday at 24th ST Theatre?

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We're giving YOU a glimpse into a day at 24th STreet Theatre for #GivingTuesday.

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Les estamos dando una probadita de lo que es un día ordinario el Teatro 24 (24th STreet Theatre) en este #GivingTuesday.

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9 AM

We have no fewer than 3 Teaching Artists in classrooms to prepare #LAUSD students for seeing Enter Stage Right, our acclaimed field trip. For many, this is their first experience seeing live theatre or even talking about it.

10 AM

Teaching artists prepare for 2 buses of students ready to experience live theatre and see Enter Stage Right, while Miranda (Arts Ed Coordinator) and Debbie Devine (our fearless artistic leader) arrive!

When buses arrive, students see a preshow that mixes Jack Black on video and live actors.

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During the show:

Tina takes you backstage to peek at the actors and shows you excerpts from our classic field trip "Enter Stage Right" right here live on Facebook!

Enter Stage Right has served over 70,000 students since it began in 2002/


11:30 AM


Our neighbor Arthur stopped in to offer a bowl of fresh citrus. Just one of the many surprises daily on a typical Tuesday.


11:30 AM

Our Artists wave off the buses and say goodbye to students, now bubbling with the magic of live theatre. Watch a teacher's reaction here. 

"Please know that you make the theatre a classroom and a place of interest that my students and their teachers treasure. Once they participate in the school and theatre workshops their trepidation is replaced with sheer joy. Teachers return to school rejuvenated and the students can’t stop talking about the theatre and the part they played. I want you to know that you impact my entire school...The more adventurous teachers make connections with other subjects and share information during our collaborative conversation Fridays."
-Principal, LAUSD


1 PM


Jay McAdams, our Executive Director, just arrived! His work is all over town as well as inside our carriage doors.


1:30 PM

Cutest #UNselfie ever. Jennie, our Operations Manager returns from maternity leave, and 24th ST continues our culture of welcoming staff member's children into meetings. Sometimes the lobby doubles as a nursery!


2:30 PM

After 'Cool kids, teen mentors and parents all love the time before class starts, when they see each other again after a week.

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3 PM

Ben arrives to assist with After 'Cool's mid year parent presentation and prepare for the rental rehearsal tonight. 


3:30 PM

Master electrician, neighbor and advisory board member, Bob Scales, stopped by to say, “hi”. Read more about his legacy at 24th ST here.

To be continued.......