1st Read of "Walking the Tightrope"

1st reads always bring such a new energy to the text.

These words with which we lived alone for weeks and sometimes months now shared with the team in a room.

The room sits empty with anticipation.

Since Walking the Tightrope takes place on the English seaside in the 1950's, Jennie made everyone cucumber sandwiches & (for once) we had more tea available than coffee!

 Around the table:



"After we were married

We would go dancing on the pier."

- Grandad Stan as played by Mark Bramhall

For me, the images of the tide, the circus and of course the train station always prevailed, but a new image came into focus once I heard the words out loud: the umbrella. A commonplace object in the life of Nanna transforms into magical possibilities -and maybe an answer or two for the young Esme- when they see the circus.


Near the end, we all huddled to watch a short video of a puppet adaptation of this piece (in Spanish):

Tightrope opens Jan 26 & runs Saturdays through March 31

Soon: video reactions from our 1st Read!

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