Actors Mark & Paige after 1st Rehearsal

Actors Mark Bramhall & Paige Lindsey White react to auditions & the 1st rehearsal of Walking the Tightrope.

Jan. 26-March 31

Saturdays at 2 & 7:30pm

Walking the Tightrope

First Loss – Primera Perdida

24th STreet Theatre introduces its new in-house company LAB24 with the West Coast premiere of British playwright Mike Kenny’s gentle, funny play.

Young Esme arrives to stay with her grandparents at the end of summer, just like she does every year. But this time, something’s different: Nanna isn’t here, and all Grandad can say is that Nanna joined the circus:

“She looked like an ordinary woman, but inside beat the heart of a tightrope walker.”

This magical play, full of moments of remembered childhood, explores a child’s first experience with loss and celebrates the special bond shared by grandparents and grandchildren. The play was the first recipient of Art Council England’s Award for Playwriting for Children & Young People (Rated G – ages 4+) Purchase tickets here.

Pics from the 1st Read