More 1st Times: at the Theatre!

When was your 1st Time: at the Theatre? 

That's the question on our minds as the 15th Anniversary of family-friendly fare continues. WATCH more on our Videos Page.

“My first memory was the look that Dall Dallas gave when he, playing the Emperor, realized that the kid was right and he was dressed in his underpants.  I never forgot that startled, embarrassed, humiliated but slightly titillated look to the audience.  I was in the show wearing a chinese hat and makeup and holding someone's hand.  I was probably three.”   

-Robin Lithgow, former head of LAUSD’s Arts Education Branch.

“I live in El Salvador and my very first time was in my school. I was 14 or 15 years old.  A theatre group performed the Salvadoran play "Luz Negra" by Alvaro Menen Desleal.  This play portrays the conversation between two heads of two beheaded men.  It is the top of existentialism and absurdity while posing many serious themes of life, death and violence.  I loved it, although I really didn't understand it.  It ends with the heads screaming vulgarities.  I forgot to say I studied in a nuns' school... So you can imagine how sorry they were to bring such a play to our school!”

-Vero V.- San Salvador

WATCH the Dept of Cultural Affairs video on our travels to San Salvador:

24th Street Theatre - El Ogrito from EZTV Museum on Vimeo.