Team 24: Lukas Kanter

constantly engaged with both theatre as an art form & a force of social and community development

Lukas Kanter,

Production Assistant 

How did you get your position with Team 24? I had moved from Kansas to LA to study theatre at USC, and was looking for a part-time work study job. My apartment was a block away from 24th Street Theatre, and I simply walked in and asked if they were hiring. I met with Debbie about a Teaching Assistant position with After 'Cool, and the rest is history! Since then, I've worked at 24th Street in many different capacities (Summer Cool teaching assistant, house staff, LA County Arts intern, stage manager for Summer Sounds at the Hollywood Bowl, LAb 24 ensemble member) and now I'm thrilled to be working here as a Production Assistant for our 15th Anniversary Season!

Can you describe your job in one sentence? I pretty much do whatever Debbie Devine tells me to.

What's your favorite part of your role with Team 24? Working at 24th Street Theatre is a highly immersive and stimulating experience. The breadth and depth of work that we do allows for staff members to be constantly engaged with both theatre as an art form and as a force of social and community development. In the same day, we can be loading in an upcoming performance, hosting a community event, teaching several arts education classes, and handing out popsicles to neighborhood students on their way home from school! Also, because we keep our big green doors open all day, there is a constant influx of our friends and partners in our community, as well as new neighbors who have never been to the theatre before, making our theatre a true, open community space!

What's your favorite memory from working at 24th ST? Probably the first time the entire staff made fun of my sweeping, mopping, dusting and general cleaning skills. That's when I knew I was loved around here. HA!
What part of this new season are you most looking forward to experiencing?
All four of our shows sound wonderful and are totally intriguing and fabulous. However, I am incredibly excited for LAb 24 to make its theatrical debut with Walking The Tightrope, a spare, lyrical and completely moving piece of theatre. Our theme of the year is "You never forget your first time" and I cannot wait for hordes of young people to come into our space, experience some world-class art, and to have the seed of creativity rooted in them for the rest of their lives!

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