Team 24: Dan Weingarten

walking the tightrope

With every show, Team 24 expands. Walking the Tightrope brings a great design team through our doors. WATCH Matthew Hill talk about his role as a Video Designer or READ about Actor Mark Bramhall.

This week we profile Dan Weingarten, Tightrope's Lighting Designer!

CMJ: Can you describe your role on TIGHTROPE in one sentence?

DW: I sculpt in four dimensions with an intangible medium, allowing Dan Weingartenthe audience to see the story being told, while hopefully communicating to them on a completely different level.


CMJ: How did you hear about TIGHTROPE?

DW: I got an e-mail one day from Jay saying hey come play with us!


CMJ: What interests or excites you about working on this story?

DW: the poetry of the piece and the talent of my collaborators.


CMJ: When was your 1st Time seeing Theatre?

DW: I have seen theater for longer than I can remember…  I remember my first broadway show at 7 (Oklahoma!) , my first opera at 9 (Magic Flute*), My first Sondheim at 14 (Sweeney Todd).  But I remember seeing Theater in the park from before I can remember what shows  they were, and ballets and concerts with my family very early.


dragon, opera, the magic flute, mozart

*CMJ's Note: The Magic Flute was also my first opera. Great work for kids - it begins with a dragon!

Walking the Tightrope runs on Saturdays from January 26-March 30, shows at 2pm & 7:30pm. Take a look! There is no dragon but many other surprises.