Ciao 2012!

Some of our favorite memories from 2012! Share yours.

TCG Honors us w/ The Peter Zeisler Memorial Award in June

In August we announced our 15th Anniversary Season, encouraging everyone to share their 1st Time....Seeing Theatre!

2012-13 Season began with "Roma al Final de la Via,"

New friends added to the 24th ST family - thanks to Susanna Hamnett & Karen Jenson in NEARLY LEAR!

For the 7th year in a row, we celebrated Dia de los Muertos with our community. Latin Grammy-nominated Trio Ellas headlined!


La Razon Blindada told their story at the Rubicon Theatre in Ventura last winter.

We began rehearsals for WALKING THE TIGHTROPE in 2012. Welcome to Actors Paige Lindsey White & Mark Bramhall !


Parents Night for After Cool brought even more families into our space to share their dreams!

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1st up in 2013 is Walking the Tightrope! Read more.