Communi-Que w/ CMJ: August 24

I'm a little late on this blog, so will cram a few updates for you! 
Read about Communications Initiatives like Handing over the Keys and Evaluating the Newsletter


Newsletter: You have noticed our newsletter changing recently, including Spanish translation. We're still working out kinks - length, layout, etc - and welcome your feedback. Please email or another staff member with any thoughts.

Website: We've wanted to finesse the website and get rid of some kinks for a while, and thanks to Teen Mentor Jatziry, it's happening! So small changes should start popping into view. As always, feedback is welcome:

Do you find any part of the website confusing?

Any information that was harder to find than you thought it should be?



Allegra represented us at the BJC Block Party on Saturday. I was supposed to attend too, but got sick. Allegra saved the day! Teamwork! And someone she met there already called to claim seats to Pato, Muerte y Tulipan in October.


Speaking of......We're furiously putting everything into place for our first theatrical offerings of this season, Pato, Muerte y Tulipan & Lagrimas del Agua DulceThese guest artists only perform for one weekend apiece, Oct 5-13. It's encouraging that we're already booking tickets and getting inquiries about group rates.

THANKS for reading, everyone. See you next week! -CMJ