Communi-Que w/ CMJ: Back to School

Hola! We are back in full swing (like our summers are ever slow) and have a few questions to make your experience at 24th STreet even better! THE BACKGROUND: We want to be sure that everyone feels invited into our space, whether the quality theatre provided is in English or Spanish.

THE INITIATIVE: One way we considered is to make an effort to translate all communications, including our newsletter. Superstar Director of Latino Programming, Jesus Castanos Chima, helps nearly every day in this effort.

THE ASK: Has the translation affected your enjoyment or reading of the Newsletter?  Please take two minutes to complete our quick survey in English , and here is the same survey in Spanish.


If you're not on our newsletter list and want to know what all the fuss is about, sign up here. You get to hear stories from inside our carriage doors, personal messages from Jay, Debbie and the Staff. It's really fun and informative.

I promise ;).

This Sunday, follow our varied social media accounts to feel like you're present at a very special event, TEDx Skid Row. Presented in our space by friend and LA Phil violinist Vijay Gupta / Street Symphony, the speakers look amazing! You'll recognize one special speaker in Debbie Devine, too.

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