New Parent Musings

If you follow us on Facebook or via newsletter, you know that on March 22, I had a beautiful baby boy, Malcolm. I've noticed a few things since then. Let me know if any of these ring a bell.


1. Diaper Changing tables in public restrooms are pretty great for chains, but really lackluster or nonexistent elsewhere. I even noticed we lack a proper place in our bathrooms (there is  a trunk, but that's low to the floor). So we'll improve on this soon.

Special shout-out to Golden Road Brewery on this one. Not only do they welcome families with open arms, but have a roomy changing

This photo includes: supportive husband, velcro swaddle AND "Stay Awake". Triple win!

area. I also received nothing but support when nursing there during my lunch.

2. Why do fathers get so much flack? My husband was appalled at the assumption in books, websites and conversation that fathers don't want to take part in the bringing up of a child. He's the one who sterilizes all our bottle things, because I have not perfected it yet and you know, bacteria.

It got so bad for someone that he  created The Good Men Project.

3. I have to return to my university vocal training to keep up with all the songs that keep Malcolm happy, entertained and generally calm. If you have a favorite lullaby or song to soothe crying, please comment! I need more songs!

4. On that note, the Sherman Brothers should be canonized in the parent saints book for writing the song "Stay Awake" in Mary Poppins. I can't count how often that song knocks my little dude and me out cold for the night.

5. Velcro Swaddles = Sleep. 

Enough said.

Anything you wish you had known as a new parent? Add your Parent Musings below.

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