Save the Date: Walking the Tightrope in Culver City!

We are thrilled to announce that Center Theatre Group chose our critically acclaimed production of Walking the Tightrope by Mike Kenny as part of its 11th season at the Kirk Douglas Theatre, with eight performances taking place April 28-May 3, 2015.

“It’s important for children to be able to see deep and profound work, and that kind of theater is rarely available to families in this country. We are thrilled that CTG wants to help us get this dialogue started," states our Artistic Director and TIGHTROPE Director Debbie Devine

Tightrope is currently touring nationally and will be presented at the Douglas as part of CTG’s Los Angeles Company Partnerships program.

In a press release, CTG artistic director Michael Ritchie praised Walking the Tightrope as a production for “families and people of all ages” stating, “through these collaborations, CTG benefits from and contributes to the unique artistic vitality of Los Angeles.”

Walking the Tightrope utilizes poetic language, live music and multi-media to explore themes of love and loss in a highly theatrical, stylized production that received rave reviews last year. Directed by our artistic director Debbie Devine, the production exemplifies our mission to reinvent family theater in Los Angeles by producing provocative, sophisticated fare that deals head-on with serious themes and emotions — theater that can be appreciated equally on an adult level and by kids as young as six.

Tightrope took home a 2013 award for Outstanding Production from the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle.



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